Frequently Asked Questions

Q : …is there any internet connection in the villa? Is there any broadband? We will be bringing our laptop to keep working on vacation….

A : Nowadays we understand that we can not be away from the network. A job even can be done on a vacation far away from home. Some villas have a good land phone line. With this phone, a good connection can be guaranteed. Some other villas which are situated far away from the city (sucn as in Canggu, Tanah Lot, Jimbaran, even Ubud) will only be able to provide a wireless phone. The connection using this kind of phone is hopeless. However the owner of villa also can not work if they stay at their own villa. This is the reason why a broadband is also served to support their guests’ needs. We will advise you any villa with the broadband connection. If you stay in Canggu area, we are pleased to invite you to come to our office to use our broadband for free.


Q : …is there any baby cot on the villa?

A : Some villas will prepare it upon request. Some villas will also do a surcharge for this kind of service. We keep doing our best to all guests because we realize that many guests come to our villas bring their children or babies. If there is no baby cot in the confirmed villa, we will happily organise it for you as a free complimentary.

Q : …I need to know the size of the internet connection broad band in the villa, I need this information urgent as it involves my work….

A : Though the villa has a broadband connection, please kindly do not hope it as per your broadband in your city. We are in the new developing country and we just hire the technology. So, we can not advise you any precise size of the connection.

Q : …I will bring my children. Are there any kid toys or baby seat for the car?

A : Some villas will provide the kid toys. However the toys may not meet your kids’ needs. Please kindly bring their toys to ensure they are happy with them. Or you may make a short stop at any supermarket upon arrival to purchase any kind of toys. Our cars are not equipped with any baby seat. Therefore please also kindly bring it from home.

Q : ….this is our first time to come to Bali. We do not know anything about the island. Can you please send some body to guide us with his experience about Bali?

A : Our drivers are yearly experienced in tourism business in Bali. They know many quality places of interest. Though they can not speak good English, they are un-doubtful very friendly and helpful. If you need a professional tour guide who can speak good English and explain about Bali, we will be happy to organise our best for you.

Q : …We know this is about tropical life. What is going on with the mosquitos? Is there snake?

A : Every bedrooms in each villas are equipped with mosquito net. You also can find anti-mosquito lotion easily at any shop or warung. We can not be away from snake. They are everywhere. But only a very few of them are poisonous. The only way to be safe is by avoiding them. If you find any snake, please be away.

Q : We understand we have to tip the staff. Please advise me how I can do that with any respective tip.

A : Normally guests tip the staff on check-out time. Some villas have their own regulation (house rule) regarding amount of tips. You may read it on the house rule book of the villa or respectively ask it from the manager or supervisor of the villa. The amount of tips depends on your own discretion. The better service they provde, the bigger amount the can get.

Q : All our meals are at our own account. Please describe the way to organise our meals. Is there any surcharge for the purchasing or cooking service?

A : Please organise all your meals or food with the chef of the villa. For your lunch and dinner, please discuss it when you finish your breakfast. This is a must because the chef will need time to go to any supermarket to purchase the ingredients of the meals. For your next breakfast, you will have to discuss it on your dinner or after your lunch on the day before. Some villas will do a surcharge (about 15%- 20%) from the total amount of receipt for the purchasing and cooking service. However some villas will serve it for free.

Q : We already paid something at the airport upon arrival. Why we have to pay more for the registration?

A: In accordance with the distric regulation in Indonesia, we have to make a report to any local police department regarding your arrival. Though you have paid some fee at the airport, you would have to pay the police registration fee.

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